klay philosophy

  • client comes 1st
  • creative(s) comes 2nd
  • be different
  • keep it simple & achieve best functional output

klay inspiration

clay was the first medium we all came across as young mindz to explore and exhibit our creative side. whether each one of us made a ball or an airplane clay simply molded itself so flexibly. the best part was we could save our first piece of art forever as a classic vintage collection, makes us realize that clay is timeless by its characteristics. and at the end of it, klay is nothing but mother earth.

we, just feel likewise. we are creative, we are flexible, we are simple, we hold the potential to build timeless piece of work and we are here to stand by your side.

we are klay.. and we love what we do.

p.s. the letter 'k' has no great story behind it. simply, we love the way it comes in together that is phonetically correct, yet different.


At KLAY CDF, Honesty, Enegy and passion are values we take seriously and they run through every project undertake. Our key strength is that we understand why we're here ? Why our clients keep coming back ? we know that we're here to help YOU grow YOUR business. Achieve your goals. Spread your word. We're a part of that process with you. We are committed towards achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery, quality and cost effectiveness of its solutions.We bring original perspectives, creativity and our combined knowledge to every project arriving at new and actionable solutions.

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