We put our a decade (+) years of experience
to not just conceptualizing the most effective
and efficient visual communication design,
but also to justify a perfect balance
for ROI. Best Quality at Best Price.
We dont believe in investing your valuable
time in repetetive breifing sesions or meetings.
Our creative team understands your brand / communication positioning needs
faster and hence delivers quicker.
As professionals, we religiously followed
systems and process documentation.
Our SMART association with print & production specialists facilitates qualitative &
timely deliveries. NO Excuses.


At KLAY CDF, Honesty, Enegy and passion are values we take seriously and they run through every project undertake. Our key strength is that we understand why we're here ? Why our clients keep coming back ? we know that we're here to help YOU grow YOUR business. Achieve your goals. Spread your word. We're a part of that process with you. We are committed towards achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery, quality and cost effectiveness of its solutions.We bring original perspectives, creativity and our combined knowledge to every project arriving at new and actionable solutions.

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